Danielle Rollins: THE STYLE STANDARD

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From Danielle Rollins’ blog:

There is nothing better than having the perfect jewelry to go with a fabulous outfit!! Perfect combinations of color and metal make my looks complete!


The Dot Tunic is a fantastic option to liven up any outfit. Luxurious silk hangs in just the right places and with an obi sash to tie at the waist, this top will give you the effortless silhouette you have been looking for. This intricately crafted garment will only be available for a short time in a limited edition floral.

DANIELLE ROLLINS – Dot Tunic Top in Navy Silk


Founded by fourth-generation jeweler Ilias Lalaounis in the 1960s, the company revived ancient Greek goldsmithing techniques, creating modern jewelry inspired by the country’s rich archeological heritage. Following in the footsteps of their father, today the four Lalaounis sisters – Aikaterini, Demetra, Maria and Ioanna – are transforming five generations of tradition into wearable jewelry for modern women. Worn by style icons from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Elizabeth Taylor yesterday to Scarlett Johansson and Charlize Theron today, the company’s designs are also exhibited in the Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum in Athens.

Blue Leather Shagreen Cuff – An 18K gold hand hammered motif with a pave diamond-lined center adds a bold visual element. Measures 2 1/4” in diameter and 2” wide.

Byzantine Bracelet with Diamonds features an 18K gold interlocking bracelet adorned with a single diamond at each end. Beautiful worn alone or stacked with other bracelets or cuffs.


Loren Nicole began her career in archaeology working on numerous digs in Central and South America researching ancient civilizations of northern Peru and then as a conservator for ancient and ethnographic textiles at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) in New York City. It was there where what began as a curiosity to better understand objects of the past, developed into a passion for ancient metalsmithing that ultimately eclipsed her academic interests and resulted in the launch of her inaugural collection in Summer 2016.

Bead Bangle – 22K Gold Bead Bangle

Plain Gold Bangle – Brushed gold bangle in 22K gold and smooth matte finish

Nomad Earrings – These richly textured 22K gold earrings from the Silla Collection are inspired by art forms from the ancient Korean kingdom of Silla and handmade in California.



The Gloria is one of our best-selling tops because it is breezy and chic, and goes with everything!  This is a blouse that can be tucked in or left out, can be worn casually or dress, with skirts or with pants, and always looks polished. The v-neck front is very flattering and will compliment any figure.

DANIELLE ROLLINS – Gloria Top in Woven Leaves


Bahina Founders, sister duo Annick Jordi and Noëlle Vieillard-Jordi, combining Annick’s eye for fashion with Noëlle’s gemstone expertise.  Their collection of statement pieces explore the integration of hand-carved Venetian glass intaglios, Porcellini shells, and flowers preserved in resin, all set in 18K gold.


Real Rose, Sapphire and Garnet Earrings – A resin-preserved rose and a hand-carved sapphire add an enchanting flourish to this sweet design, which also incorporates elegant garnets.

Tourmaline and Green Quartz Bracelet – A selection of exotic gemstones in nature’s finest hue punctuate this color-saturated bracelet. Handcrafted in Switzerland in 18K yellow gold with green tourmaline and green quartz.



Introducing the Dorothy Hostess Dress!  The perfect dress that can be worn with flats and heels to go from day to night or casual to dressy! Comes with the obi sash that can be tied in multiple ways to make the dress the most flattering for you. Made with the perfect amount of structure to highlight the parts you like to show and conceal the parts you don’t.

DANIELLE ROLLINS – Liberty Archive Lilac


Human rights activist, anthropologist, humanitarian—Pippa Small is a true polymath. The London-based jewelry designer has been putting her own stamp on the jewelry industry since she began designing her bohemian, gem-laden creations 20 years ago.

Two Row Colette Set Earrings – An iridescent waterfall of semi-precious blue-hued stones cascade down the ear in these bohemian, gem-laden danglers. Featuring tanzanite, aquamarine and kyanite, no two earrings are exactly alike.