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Maya Reik

February 15th, 2018 | by Anne Sheehan|,

As Gen-Z influencers continue to awe the fashion industry with their swiftly climbing instagram channels and street style savviness, we are introduced to one 19-year old who is generating popularity and success the old-fashioned way. Israeli-born, Maya Reik began pursuing her business at the age of 15, when she dropped out of high school — not to start a blog — but to further her knowledge of textiles and production that would soon fuel her luxury fashion label, MAREI1998. After quickly training in the Tel-Aviv garment district, Maya’s determination and fervor lead to the launch of her collection of classic silhouettes influenced by her worldly travels and glamorous grandmother. Her sophisticated but contemporary Spring/Summer 2018 collection was the perfect canvas to adorn with modern accessories — below she pairs some of the key pieces with MEMO’s modern designers.



Marei1998 Lisianthus Dress paired with Russell Jones’ Blush Pearl Drop Earrings 

“I personally love pearl earrings. I think this item is very elegant and I think is a must for every sophisticated woman to have. I chose these earrings with the white silk look, which creates a relaxed and sophisticated outfit together with the Lisianthus dress.”





Marei1998 Groundsel Blouse paired with Russell Jones’ Tourmaline Asymmetrical Earrings

“Pink, green and gold together is an interesting combination of color. I chose these earrings with this look because I think it compliments the blue floral patterns of the Groundsel blouse, and can be worn with classic white pants. In this look, a woman can transition easily from morning to night without having to change outfits.”




Marei1998 Aster Dress paired with Jane Taylor’s Cirque Aerial Silk Earrings

“The Aster dress is one of my favorite pieces of the summer collection; I love the soft colors with the hand-embroidered flowers. The color palette of the earrings reminded me of flowers, an essential element that inspires several of my collections.”




Marei1998 Hyalis Jumpsuit paired with Nicole Landaw’s Teardrop Amethyst Pendant

“This necklace is very unique; the purple stone really shines and it gives the Hyalis jumpsuit an elegant touch.”




Marei1998 Hyalis Jumpsuit paired with Azlee’s Emerald NESW Diamond Earrings

“This pair of earrings transport me into an Art Deco fantasy. I love the combination of the green stones with gold and diamonds. I think this look creates a perfect evening outfit with the Hyalis jumpsuit in cream color.”