White Opal Tie Pin

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    A simple yet refined pin, a stunning white opal is set in 18K rose gold further setting it apart. Handcrafted in L.A. 2.34 Ethiopian Opal. 

    “Previous generations had more options in mens jewelry that allowed for self expression and for passing down. I’m hoping my work will bring back that tradition in a unique and modern way.”  — Amy Gregg



    Since launching her first women’s collection in 2013, Los Angeles-based jewelry designer Amy Gregg has become known for her Scandinavian-inspired geometric designs and captivating gemstone selections, mostly in dreamy and oceanic greens and blues. Noticing a gap in the men’s accessories market and inspired by the beautiful men’s jewelry that had been passed down from one generation to another in her family, she decided to explore the possibility of what men’s jewelry could be in the present. Her new line AMUSEZ is an elevated and modern take on men’s luxury - all with the same pops of color and modern silhouettes found in Amy’s women’s pieces. The collection offers men a playful and elevated way to have fun with fashion and express themselves in an adventurous way.



    We love the versatility of the this pin that can be worn on the lapel or as a classic tie pin.