Loren Nicole

Scarab Amulet Ring

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    A signature piece from the designer’s Nebu: Sands of Gold Collection, this special ring exudes as much meaning as beauty. The scarab, hand carved in african aquamarine and set in 22K gold, is an ancient Egyptian symbol of the birth of a new day. Handcrafted in California. Size 7. 



    Loren began her career in archaeology working on numerous digs in Central and South America researching ancient civilizations of northern Peru and then as a conservator for ancient and ethnographic textiles at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) in New York City. It was there where what began as a curiosity to better understand objects of the past, developed into a passion for ancient metalsmithing that ultimately eclipsed her academic interests and resulted in the launch of her inaugural collection in Summer 2016.

    Her love of the past and studied approach continues to be visible in her work, whether through researching museum collections of ancient chains to experimenting and perfecting her approach to chain making, or by employing the 3500 year old technique of granulation.


    Striking at first for its vibrant and soothing aquamarine color, we love that this ring offers added meaning with its hand carved scarab depiction.