Linda Hoj

Glamdring Sword Necklace with Rubies

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    Feel the strength of this beautiful gold sword necklace with a ruby in the center and adorning two ends. Handcrafted in 22K gold. 1 ctw rubies. 18 inch heat planished handmade 22K gold chain with s hook clasp. Can be paired with longer chain lengths.  

    “A sword that tells of courage, power, protection, action and change.  Inspired by my daughters tattoo that symbolized her becoming her own person, taking charge of her life and cutting away mental ties that were binding her down.” — Linda Hoj



    Linda has been designing for private clients most of her lifetime and only recently decided to formally launch her debut collection. She combines her training as an artist with her deep understanding of ancient jewelry making techniques to create one-of-a-kind, handmade, wearable art. Each piece as unique as the woman who wears it. Understated luxury and old-world sparkle comes through in her designs and chosen materials. Linda seeks out stones which are cut as they were centuries ago and prefers when the high karat gold she uses bears the hallmarks and glow of everyday wear. Her soulful collection exudes an organic elegance that is perfect for the modern woman. 



    This beautiful sword pendant embodies strength and beauty. We love the elegant design and standout ruby adornment. Wear this necklace alone or with other pendant necklaces to tell a story that is unique to you.