Fabienne Kriwin

Faustina Roman Coin Necklace

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    This ancient silver coin from the Roman Empire 141 AD is set in 18K gold with a single white diamond at each end and is suspended from a handcrafted, 22K yellow gold chain. 18 inch chain. The pendant size is 0.79 inches. 

    “This coin depicts Faustina, the wife of Emperor Antonius Pius. He loved her greatly and wrote of her, “I would rather live with her on Gyara (an island of exile) than without her in the palace.” Sadly, Faustina died just two years into his 23-year reign. At his request, the Senate deified her, and he minted a massive series of commemorative coins in her honor.” - Melissa Braniff



    Melissa Braniff’s fascination with ancient coins began with decades of study in classical mythology and the ancient Greek and Roman cultures. While reading one account of Julius Caesar returning to Rome after defeating a territory, she learned that each “triumph" was followed by a parade where coins manufactured to commemorate the victory would be thrown about the streets. Her initial curiosity to locate those exact coins ultimately led her to the vast world of even more ancient coinage. As her ancient coin collection grew, she was moved by how the coins artistically combine her love of both mythology and ancient culture. She designed her collection to share the beauty and the stories of these ancient artifacts with others. Melissa’s handcrafted pieces are rich in their design and in the stories they tell. These are stories that are meant to be shared and that connect with each person in their own unique way. 


    This roman coin pendant necklace is beautiful in its simplicity. We love the less than perfectly shaped edge which adds to its look of antiquity.