Barbara Heinrich

Diamond and Mixed Sapphire Stacking Rings

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    A ring trio that’s exceptional in every way, this ring stack features a perfect mix of gemstones and artistic elements that make it truly unique. 

    The top Harlequin band features 0.20 ctw diamonds. 1.31 ctw multi colored sapphires surround the middle Sapphire Circle Ring and 0.40 ctw diamonds are set in the Double Bubble Ring, each in 18K gold. Size 6.5-7.



    A classically trained goldsmith from Germany, Barbara Heinrich grew up on a European vineyard that her family has owned since 1545. Now one of the leading figures in American studio jewelry and president of the American Jewelry Design Council, Barbara Heinrich creates jewelry that is timeless yet as individual as a fingerprint. Her work is fabricated by hand, one piece at a time, with signature textures created with tools she makes herself. Her work has been awarded the Couture gold award, been featured in exhibitions and published in books including Masters: Gold: Major Works by Leading Artists and Brilliance! Masterpieces by American Jewelry Design Council.


    We love how the colorful mix of sapphires seem to dance among diamonds in this ever so unique stack.