Meredith Kahn

Black Diamond Crescent Earrings

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    Gentle curve of five rose cut black diamonds for your ears. Simple, but not basic: the curve, the gold frames and the rose cuts set these earrings apart. You’ll reach for them every day. Made in New York City in 14k rose gold and black diamonds."

    “These Crescent Earrings are my personal favorite and will become your new favorite basic.” – Meredith Kahn



    Meredith Kahn draws delicate lines of diamonds to wrap around your hands, ears, wrists and neck as if they have always been there. After launching Made Her Think (an anagram of her name) over 10 years ago, Meredith has stepped out from behind her anagram to design her namesake collection. Every Meredith Kahn piece is designed with the idea that life is ever changing and always evolving. Her jewelry is made to become part of you, to layer and stack and hold on to forever. Every piece is manufactured with care in New York City.


    We often need an easy stud earring but we still want something interesting. The curves and (especially) the rose cuts make these anything but boring and rose gold is so nice near your face.